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Colour-Me-In Medieval People
Free Downloadable PDFs

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in loading the files up.
I work full time in a busy city hospital, and I'm sure you understand that things are a bit crazy right now.
All of the pictures you see here are loaded in an album on facebook and can be used while you wait.


I've worked in schools and with kids and I know that free stuff for kids is always appreciated, so because I like to be entertaining and informative while I'm about it, I've made these cute Colour-Me-In Medieval People which feature my own hand-drawn art.

These are popular with ages 5 to 8, although older classes and parents in Australia and overseas have also enjoyed this activity on a different level by designing the brocade patterns and thinking about what dyes colours may have been used for clothes. Grandparents seem to like them too!

Since I am giving these away to use for FREE, all I ask is that the conditions of use are followed.

Conditions of use

1. You may NOT charge money for this activity. It must be used FREE!
2. Please don't add anything to the page.
3. Please don't take anything off the page.
4. Please don't use the little pictures on this page. They are low resolution and do not enlarge well.
5. Download the PDF file.
5. Please drop me AN EMAIL if you like to tell me where these are being used! I'd love to know!
6. Please CONTACT ME if you'd like to know more.




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