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Upcoming Events & What's New!

Upcoming events
Where to find Rosalie's Medieval Woman in 2021

Saturday, 9th July & Sunday 10th July 2022
Abbeystowe. Bribie Island Road. Caboolture,

What's New On The Website!

A fresh new look for the entire website and new look blogs on DREAMWIDTH (for the book only) and LIVE JOURNAL (for lots of medieval projects and book posts also.)

New author and book pages added for the release of the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, along with new banners and layout.

The MEDIEVAL TAILOR'S WORKSHOP finally has it's own page with a look at the documentation to go with each piece used in the display.

MY SEWING pages have been updated with a page for sewing I have done for other special people and my latest projects for myself..

My artifact collection is now online here: THE GILBERT COLLECTION . There are posts in more detail on facebook as they are loaded up one each week.

Sewing Tutorials have been updated on the DIY PATTERNS page.

Around the website- quite a few things that were on one page have split into pages of their own. Check out the SITEMAP for a complete look at what is where now!

The facebook clothing tutorials are gradually making their way over here also! You'll find them under the Sewing pages in the Patterns sections.

Tutorials on making gowns from the simplest T-tunic to the slightly more challenging kirtles at Rosalie's Medieval Woman Facebook Page. Go to the
Photo Album Gallery
and find the Tutorial Album you're interested in!

New! Rosalie's Medieval Woman has a facebook page for anyone interested in keeping up with sewing projects, woodwork, and thoughts on things medieval.

Photo by Neda Lundie, 2012

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