Presenting Your Stall & Wares

Are you in need of something that isn't a market umbrella or a metal framed market stall like the kind that is usually used at flea markets? Are you after something a little bit nicer or more authentic without being ridiculous? I have two ideas for you if you'd like to make your own. At the bottom of the page, ideas on how to dress up your existing regular metal-frame market stall so it looks a bit less modern.

The A-Frame Stall
The first is to make what we call an A Frame stall, which looks like the one in the picture to the left. Essentially, it has two legs splayed out and a piece of fabric which goes over the top and down the back. They are easy to take apart and put up.

There is a fantastic easy to follow page by Robert Hook who shows a step by step guide to making one. It is here. All you need is cloth and half a dozen pieces of timber.

How to make a market stall


The Square Stall
Essentially, this is a shade with poles holding it up and sides sewn on.

I made this one myself without a pattern and just based the width and height on how wide the fabric was. (Painter's canvas dropsheet from the hardware) and I added some cross poles to hang things on.

The cross poles were extremely tricky, but you can use the basic shape as a sunshade without it. There is no guide to making this one, but if you're a bit handy, you'll be able to put one together. I used ropes to secure the corner poles like a regular camping tent. If your roof is saggy, you can add ropes diagonally agross under the roof.

The I've-Hidden-Everything-In-It Stall
If you're not keen to build a stall, then the next best thing is to make your existing stall as medieval-friendly as possible, by hiding as much as you can. There are some easy way to do this.



To display your goods, you can use woven baskets, wooden or ceramic bowls or use wooden crates, which you may have used to transport your goods if they are fragile. You can use cloths to cover your plastic, folding tables which then gives you hidden storage space.

Hiding your personal things is also not as hard as you think. Small calico drawstring bags can be bought cheapy from discount stores which will hide your lipbalm, phone and wallet.

Also available nowdays is an Esky cooler box which is clad in wood and looks like a wooden trunk. It's a really great way to keep your food and drinks cool and hidden. I often use mine for putting my private bits and pieces in and it's sturdy enough to have a cushion on top and be used as a seat. It's an investment, but you can use it at home and for BBQs and other regular stalls, so well worth it..

Below is a regular metal framed market stall which has been disguised. It's not an accurate medieval stall, but it's certainly less offensive and glaringly out of place than a regular one. Calico can be used for walls and table cloths and is quite cheap from fabric stores. Off white is a good colour choice as it looks more like canvas than other colours.

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