Book Clasps & Book Mounts


Book Clasps

Book clasp

Object: Book clasp
Culture: Medieval
Area of Origin: Cumbria, England
Material: Copper alloy/bronze
Size: 40mm x 12mm
Weight: 2.76 grams

: The mount has two plates. The mount is slightly cross-shaped with a zig-zag end. The top of the cross is curled under where it would have attached the hinge. The top plate has three decorative piercings and a further three piercings for rivets which are present.

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Book clasp
with fragment

: Book clasp
Culture: Medieval. 14th century
Area of Origin: Southwark Bridge, Thames River. England
Material: metal, leather
Size: 31mm x 11mm
Weight: 6.66 grams

Notes: The clasp has a forked spacer plate, and probably dates to the 14th century. There are two piercings present and one rivet existing. There is a remnant of the strap which is most likely leather. The clasp appears to have some kind of decoration on it, but needs further evaluation and cleaning.

Item found near Southwark Bridge on the Thames River, England on the north side of the river in the 1980s.

Book Mounts

Possible book mount

: Book mount
Culture: Medieval
Area of Origin: UK
Material: Brass
Size: 30mm diameter
Weight: 6.84 grams

Notes: Raised dome with 4 extending knops which are each pierced. The back is hollow. Uncertain if rivet remians, but will update post cleaning.

Possible harness or very large belt mount, but is extremely consistant with book mounts.

Aquired as part of a Metal Detecting Group.

Book mount

: Book mount
Culture: Medieval
Country of Origin: England
Material: Copper alloy
Size: 15mm x 18mm
Weight: 0.91 grams

: Fleur-de-lys top hald of a mount with a singular, recessed piercing for a screw or nail, which looks modern. Sold as a medieval belt mount but extremely flat unlike other belt mounts.

Bought as part of a set of three, and not the item of main interest.

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