Reliquaries, Ampulla & Pilgrim badges


Reliquary Case
with Lamb of God

: Reliquary case
Culture: Medieval. 15th century
Area of Origin: Britain
Material: Pewter
Size: height 26mm, width 15mm
Weight: total 3.98 grams
- case: 3.51 grams
- lamb: 0.47 grams

Notes: The frame and the lamb are seperate, intact and in complete condition. Petwer is complete and intact although the glass is absent. Front frame has singular raised border and row if raised dots. Lamb looks backwards towards the angled cross.

This little reliquary case is used to hold a precious item of a religious nature.

Condition "very fine."

Washingham Shrine

Object: Ampulla
Culture: Medieval. 13th-14th century
Area of Origin: UK
Material: lead
Size: 31mm x 29mm
Weight: 17.10 grams

Notes: Lead ampulla possibly fromt the Walshingsham shrine. Crowned W on a criss-crossed background on the front and the scallop shell design entirely covering the reverse side. The top has been partially folded over and has been partially removed.

with clover & crown

: Ampulla
Culture: Medieval 13th-14th century
Area of Origin: Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire
Material: lead
Size: 32mm x 47mm
Weight: 40.85 grams

Notes: The ampulla is complete although the top corner has been folded over. The two arms are triangular. Both sides of the ampulla are decorated. One side has a four lobed clover and the reverse side has a crown with a central fluer-de-lys and cross hatching underneath.

Pilgrim Badges

Pilgrim or secular badge
Thomas Beckett sword chape?

: Pilgrim or secular badge
Culture: Medieval 1300-1500 AD
Area of Origin: Thames River, England
Material: pewter
Size: 38mm X 25mm
Weight: 6.62 grams

Notes: Pilgrim badge is cast in one piece and is circular with a raised band around the edge which is suggestive of petals, perhaps of a rose. There is a singular piercing at the back which possibly is how the badge is attached. There is a trio of possible flower buds.

Unknown origin. River Thames find. From a small collection formed in the 1980's.

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