Ceramic tiles

Floor tile
with oak leaf

: Floor tile
Culture: Medieval 13th-14th century
Area of Origin: Strata Florida Abbey, Wales. UK
Material: Clay, tin glaze.
Size: 100mm x 25mm deep
Weight: approx 800 grams

Notes: Tin glazed floor tile with oak leaf motif radiating from a central cross. Two parallel incised lines run across the corners with a trefoil clover leaf in each corner. This pattern of tile was used in the Cisternian monastry but also were produced for other use.

Described as: "The original 13th-14th century Cistertian floor tile is one of two that I have decided to sell for the first time since I aquired them about ten years ago from a house clearance in South Wales. I found this one on the Monastic Floor Tiles internet site for Strata Florida Abbey. It's called Oak leaf design (see photo) I have read that these floor tiles were also used in other parts of Wales and the West Midlands as per "The Medieval Tiles Of Strata Florida" by Martin Crampin. The tile is in excellent condition for its age and is 100% genuine as you can clearly see in the photos. It should be in a museum."

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