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Basic D.I.Y. Clothing Patterns for Medieval Women

These pages are aimed at basic patterning and some of these patterns are not aimed at historical costumers or re-enactors. A couple of the patterns are quite good for re-enactor ladies. They will give quite usable and relatively accurate clothes for stallholders or members of the public attending an event who want to have decent, basic clothes which look right, avoid the pitfalls of fussy, unnecessarily complicated commercial patterns.

They can be made in solid linen/cotton blends for stallholders or made for nobles in brocaded fabrics or dupion silk. Even a very basic pattern looks completely different when an upmarket fabric is used, which is especially true of the Easy and Early Tunic patterns.

- EASY CHEATY T- TUNIC TUTORIAL - How to make a basic cheaty medieval gown.

- EASY T-TUNIC TUTORAL - Mostly historically accurate and easy to upgrade in the future.

- EASY 13TH CENTURY TUNIC TUTORIAL - How to make an overgown with short, wide sleeves.

- EASY WIDE-SLEEVE GOWN TUTORIAL - How to make an overgown with really big sleeves.

- BASIC EASY LACED GOWN TUTORIAL - How to make a basic gown with front lacing.

- KIRTLE OR GOWN TUTORIAL - How to make a medieval dress with buttons.

- LADIES HOSE TUTORIAL - How to make hose based on the London hose pattern.

- EASY HOOD TUTORIAL - How to make an early medieval hood.

- HOOD WITH SHOULDER GORES TUTORIAL - How to make a 14th or 15th century hood.

- BASIC SURCOTE TUTORIAL - How to make a surcote with 4 seams.

- SIDELESS SURCOTE TUTORIAL - How to make a sideless surcote with gores.

- NOBLE LADY SIDELESS SURCOTE TUTORIAL - How to make a noblewoman's sideless surcote.

- BARBETTE & FILLET - How to make an early 14th century barbette

- FILLET - PLAIN, TO PIN A VEIL ONTO - under construction

- FILLET- FRILLED, FOR USE WITH BARBETTE - How to make a Manesse Codex-style fillet.


- FILLET - SILK WITH DECORATION - How to make a fancy silk circlet - under construction



- EYELET MAKING TUTORIAL - How to make eyelets

- BUTTONHOLE MAKING TUTORIAL - How to make buttonholes

- CLOTH BUTTON MAKING TUTORIAL - How to make buttons to match your clothes

- LUCET CORD TUTORIAL - Making lacing cord for your gown

- TASSEL MAKING TUTORIAL - How to make tassels


These pattern cutting guides are not actual measurements.

When using as cotton shirt to make your own pattern, make sutre it's not a stretchy shirt or your fabric will not stretch the same way.

ALL of these patterns will require a certain amount of taking in and pinning once they have been cut. This will give you a custom fit to make it fit your body shape. Medieval people did it that way.

I use these pattern guides myself for things that I wear and they only fit so nicely because I pin them in to fit after the basic fabric has been cut. Otherwise, yes. They hang like a sack.

I can't stress this enough... if in doubt, cut a little bigger. You can always pin in, but it's very hard to adjust something if it's cut too small.


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