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A selection of unsocicited review snips from Goodreads and social media about
"The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women"
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"It is quite compelling and hilariously funny. I have been chuckling out loud and my husband says he thinks he ought to read it if it's such a tonic!
God Forbid!"

Susanna Newstead, England. #1 Bestseller Medieval Author, The Savernake Novels

"Ever wanted to know what medieval women got up to in the bedroom? Or got up to in order to avoid any sort of bedroom activities? Interested in what sort of questionable medical or nutritional advice was being dispensed to the lady plagued by various love life related troubles and ailments? All your questions (and then some) shall be answered in this surprisingly informative and highly entertaining read packed with anecdotes, fuin facts and gossipy goodness on a subject rarely covered in history books - I learned a lot and laughed a lot."

Denise, Finland via Goodreads. 23 October, 2020

"The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women" is a fantastic jaunt into the past. It not only highlights the trials and tribulations of women of the medieval period, but helps show that the men didn't always get their way. The author, Rosalie Gilbert, has developed a very well researched and comprehensive look into many aspects of medieval women and presented this knowledge in a fun and easy to read format.

Male or Female, it's definitely worth getting your hands on if you have an interest in history, women, the church, men or what goes on "between the sheets."

Nigel, Brisbane. 22nd October, 2020.

"A most entertaining, informative and enjoyable read I have had in a very long time. The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women can truly be classed a most excellent reference book for the feminine medieval re-enactor. This delightful book has made me highly aware that the era Rosalie has thoroughly researched is a "Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

This book well deserves its place on the high shelf of my medieval reference bookcase. Kudos Rosalie on a book well created."

Mickey, Rockhampton. via Goodreads.


"Hilarious and horrifying all at once! If it weren’t for the references to actual historical documentation, there’s some stuff that I wouldn’t believe! All I can say is that I’m fortunate to be a woman in today’s world, the glass ceiling ain’t got nothing on what medieval woman experienced. That said, the author playfully discusses these things with a wicked sense of humour. Great read."

Crystal, Brisbane. October 2020. via Goodreads

"Concise and clear research, interspersed with humor. Ms. Gilbert refutes many misconceptions about Medieval life for women, in an interesting manner, as well as laying out lots of information about what options, concerns, legal standing and protections women had regarding their own autonomy.

Definitely an interesting read for most women, whether they have an interest in the time period or not."

Elizabeth Frey-Thomas, California. October, 2020 via Goodreads

"Mine arrived today! I just had a bit of a skim, reading sections at random, and have been cackling like a maniac and reading bits out loud to my partner and housemate. This book is brilliant, and you are an excellent and very humorous writer. Thank you!"

Sivaroobini Kalaimani, Perth. via Facebook

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