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Rosalie's Medieval Woman is proud to tell other people not to touch your stuff:
your bookmarks, your coffee cup and your bag. Seriously. Just stop.



Bookmarks mind your place for you while you're not there. No one should be touching them. Just say no.

Bookmark without tassell.
Leave it plain or tassell your own!
AUD $2.00 plus shipping

Bookmark with tassell
In a choice of colours
AUD $2.50 plus shipping

  • red
  • peacock blue
  • wine
  • pink
  • green
  • sky blue
  • dark royal blue

Coffee cups
Do you work in a place where people use your mug all the time and you can never find it when you want it?
Are people always touching your stuff?
This mug is for you.

Point the finger at everyone with the words NO TOUCHY TOUCHY
in helpful red letters
for the hard of remembering.

AUD $14.99 plus shipping

Shipping prices at July 2020
Within Australia $8.95
To USA AUD$24.00
To England AUD$28.20
To Italy AUD$29.30
To Canada AUD$24.00
To Japan AUD$22.00

Canvas Tote Bag
Medium weight sturdy canvas
with black bottom and straps.

The warning finger of doom points
while the words warn that a

situation applies to this bag.

AUD $25.00 plus shipping


For stock and payment enquiries, please email rosaliesmedievalwoman@gmail.com

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