Sewing & Textile Production Miscellany


Sewing Miscellany

Hook and eye

Object: Hook and eye
Culture: Tudor. 16th century
Area of Origin: Greenwich, England
Material: Brass
Size: 1mm x 15mm
Weight: 0.36 grams combined

Notes: Both pieces are complete and in tact. Wire construction.

Thames foreshore find in front of one of Henry VIII's palaces, Greenwich, England.


Textile miscellany
Spindle whorl
with decoration

Object: Spindle whorl
Culture: Medieval. 14th-15th century
Area of Origin: England
Material: Lead
Size: 28mm diameter
Weight: 37.69 grams

Notes: Decorated Medieval Lead spindle whorl dated to 14th-15th century. Star shaped raised decoration with raised circules both withing and without the lines. Central hole is complete. The entire whorl is complete and unbroken.

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