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Sewing Tutorial:
How To Make Tassels

Medieval tassels are everywhere! You need them especially for pouches and cushions!

This is a very quick look at how to do tassels. There are a lot of video tutorials online, so I won't be duplicating them. This tutorial is to share how to make the basic technique. Your tassel with vary depending on what you use- silk for fine tassels, wool for fat, fluffy tassels. The more you use, the fatter your tassel will be, so take that into account before you start.

What you need:

You will need
- some thread; wool or silk or linen or I'm using stranded embroidery cotton here.
- scissors
- your fingers to wrap the thread around. You may use a piece of cardboard if you wish, but fingers are just as good.

Okay, let's get started!
Step 1

Wrap the thread around your fingers. I went 15 times around my fingers for this example. You'll more or less depending on your thread and the type of tassel you are making.
Step 2

Once you've done that, slide it off your fingers and just poke one finger through the top like this.

This is where you will tie your tassel top so you can attach it to things.
Step 3

Cut enough thread to make a double cord.

Make sure it's long enough for you to sew it onto your cushion or pouch. This usually involves a little knot tying on the inside, so you need thread to do that!
Step 4

Tie the top in a double knot like this.

Keep the rest of the cord away from the rest of the loop which is your future tassel body.
Step 5

Cut another piece of thread, just a single not a double piece this time.

Wrap it just below the knot and pull it tight where the arrow is in the picture. Double knot it for durability..

Step 6.

Snip the bottom ends in a straight line.

For extra tasselly fluffiness, comb the tassel or unwind some of the strands.


You have a tassel!

Obviously, you'll need more than just one, so you're all skilled up to make lots!

Happy sewing!


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